How To Make A Table Saw Fence

Aside from the blade itself, the fence is one of the most important components of a table saw. If your table saw has a beat-up fence already, then you should build one for yourself. This time, you should know how to make a table saw fence properly!

A table saw is a power tool designed to ripping large pieces of woods precisely. This tool can do this by using a fence so that it can align the work piece in parallel to the blade. With this mechanism, the table saw can do smooth and perfect cuts.

There is an option to buy a new one on the market. However, if you are tight on budget and got a spare time, then you should just construct a new table saw by your own!

How To Make A Table Saw Fence

  1. The first thing you should do is to ensure that the boundaries or the edges of the table are perfectly perpendicular to the blade. You can achieve this by placing a level against the blade. You should be careful not to push your hands against the blade.Also, place a T-square and another level so that you can keep the edges as square as possible to the blade.With this process, you can guarantee that the edges of the table are of the same length to each other. Once you have this done, measure the length of your table. The size varies so it’s okay if you get a different measurement.
  2. This time, you should cut your extra pieces for your fence. The first cut you make is the main, which is 2×4. Moreover, make the measurement at least 1/2 longer than the table. In this way, you have an allowance, in case you will need to trim.Most of the 2×4 cuts have routed edges. Therefore, you should take a 1/8 inch from the bottom so that 2×4 piece will be square when placed against the table.The next cut you should do is a 5-inch length crosscut to the 2×4 piece. In this way, you can get a two piece of 2×2’s. You will screw these two pieces to the end portion of the fence. The excess ones will be placed on the bottom.Ideally, you can use 3-inch deck screws and some countersunk for the heads. However, you should make sure they are all heavy duty. This is because you will always be prying against them every time you will tighten the fence.

    You can already start screwing the back piece now. However, you should prioritize first attaching the front one. Start lining the front piece and use chalk to mark where you will be digging a hole so that you can screw against the table and not beneath it.

  3. Start drilling a 1/2 inch hole in the front of the 2×2 piece. After this, put in a screw-in nut by the use of a huge hex key. Next, place the threaded rod set-up (preferably a combination of C-clamp, steel dowel, and flat knob) and screw the front of the 2×2 with the use of deck screws. Now, your table saw fence is already done!


Knowing how to make a table saw fence is an essential skill for any woodworker. Fences are replaceable accessories that you can buy at any hardware stores. However, it is not economically wise to purchase one every time you whack your current fence. Since you are a woodworker, you should also have the ability to extend the usage of your table saw! Therefore, make a custom table fence to your table saw so that you can continue your job without spending too many bucks!