How To Cut Wood With A Circular Saw

Circular saws are a great help in the workshop or the job site. It can assist you in cutting and ripping materials. Aside from wood, it can cut harder objects too, such as metals and some construction materials. However, most of us will agree that it wood is the first thing that comes into our minds every time circular saws are mentioned. Therefore, how to cut wood with a circular saw is truly essential.

Depending on how you use it, this tool will certainly increase your work productivity. For carpenters, builders, and home contractors, this tool is very vital. Without it, the entire phase of construction will be slowed down. However, if you don’t know how to use a circular saw, then the same predicament will still happen. Knowing how to use a circular saw is necessary for the efficiency of your work. Moreover, it can guarantee your safety, too!

Using a circular saw for wood is quite easy. Just take the time to practice, and you can perfect it eventually. Here are the steps for cutting a wood with a circular saw!

How To Cut Wood With A Circular Saw

  1. The first thing you should do is supporting the material that you are going to cut. This time, it is going to be a plank of wood. You should do this so that you can prevent the blade from interacting with the objects beneath the wood. Specifically, you should place concrete slab or board while you are cutting. When it comes to that, you might need a sawhorse more than a circular saw.
  2. Afterward, you should mark the wood that you are going to cut. You can use a measuring tape to measure the length of the cut that you are going to make. Use a square (steel square or tri-square preferably) to mark the entire path in where the blade will traverse. You should remember that the marking should be straight.
  3. Adjust the blade of the saw so that it would match the depth of the cut. Do not expose too much of the blade because it can delay the cut. For example, if you are going to cut a 40mm wood, then the blade’s depth should be around 45 mm only. Through this, you can minimize the potential kickback of the blade, which is dangerous, by the way.
  4. While cutting, ensure that your blade guard is properly functioning. Specifically, the guard should go back right in place every time you pull the saw. Moreover, it should slide up also as you push it back to the wood. After you use the saw, the blade guard should be in a down position. In this way, you can prevent unwanted accidents on your workshop.
  5. Gaze down the right side of the blade of your circular saw. In this way, you can align the blade properly to the mark that you made in the wood.
  6. After this, look at the face of the saw, specifically to its two guide notches. The first one (the right hand) is your guide when you are cutting the wood at a standard position. The second one (the left hand) is used if you are going to cut at 45 degrees base angle. Mark this notch using a pencil.
  7. When everything is set, you can start cutting the wood. Let the saw sink it to the wood while maintaining a steady but gentle hold. Always have your eye check the guide all the time. In doing this, you can ensure that you are in proper looking position. Specifically, your body should be slightly adjacent to the mark. If your circular saw doesn’t have a dust collector, this position is beneficial for you. This angle is sufficient to keep the saw dusts from reaching you!
  8. While cutting, you should also pay attention to the base of the saw. The base should always be flat. As much as possible, it should not have any elevations to the wood. Or else, it can affect the precision of your cutting.
  9. You should exert force in pushing the circular saw to the wood. It doesn’t matter if your saw has a powerful no-load speed. You should know that the saw doesn’t move by its own! However, you should not also push too hard because it can reduce the speed of the blade.
  10. Always be cautious about your lower blade guard. As you pull the saw on the wood, it should return to its original condition. While you are working, some large debris can bind the blade guard, which prevents it from lodging.


Now that you know how to cut wood with a circular saw, we expect that your productivity in the workshop will increase. To be honest, cutting wood using a circular saw is easy. It does not require technical skills in order to perfect. All you need is the best circular saw, and you are ready to go!

Moreover, do not forget to exercise all the necessary safety precautions. After all, the severity of harm that this tool can inflict is quite grave. A trip to the hospital is the last thing that should happen to you!