How To Measure a Chainsaw Bar

When it’s time to replace the chain on your chainsaw you’ll need to know the length of the chain.  If you don’t know, can’t find the owner’s manual for your chainsaw, or if the chain is broken or lost, you’ll need to measure the bar the chain goes on.  With this information, you can get […]

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safety equipments

How To Cut Down A Tree With A Chainsaw

Cutting down a tree is referred to as felling  it.  When you’re felling a tree, you can’t go out and just start cutting.  There are several important things to consider before you begin that part of the job.  These are safety, the direction the tree will fall, your escape route, and how to cut. Safety […]

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scroll saw

How Does A Scroll Saw Work

Scroll saws are used for fine woodworking where you want the speed and power of an electrical saw combined with the precision of a fine handheld blade or Exacto knife.  They have a very slender blade that moves up-and-down at between 400 to 1,800 strokes per minute.  Although most people think of scroll saws being […]

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table saw supplies

How To Make A Table Saw Fence

A table saw fence, or ripping fence, is a long guide used to keep a piece of wood properly aligned when you’re making long straight cuts, usually along the grain of the wood.  We’ll guide you through the process of making a simple fence. Supplies To build this fence you’ll need; a jigsaw, a 2×4 […]

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crosscut sled

How To Build A Table Saw Sled 101

A table saw sled is also known as a crosscut sled.  As the name implies, it is a tool for safely making perfect crosscuts on a table saw time after time after time.  The emphasis here is on safety.  Crosscuts are typically made on short pieces of wood which makes them dangerous because the end […]

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table saw

How Does A Table Saw Work

A table saw, also known as a sawbench, is an electrical woodworking tool.  It consists of a circular saw blade driven by an electrical motor, either directly or by belts and gears.  The saw blade protrudes through the surface of the table, which in turn support the material being cut – usually wood. The depth […]

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