Colors and shapes puzzle from My Scroll Saw Projects

40 Free Scroll Saw Patterns for Beginners & Advanced Woodworkers

There is nothing worse than treating yourself to a new tool for which you have no immediate use. Some people will say that maybe you shouldn’t buy that tool. They just don’t get it. Every so often, you buy yourself a tool just because you want it. A scroll saw is just such a tool. […]

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Chainsaw basics

Best Chainsaw Chaps 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

If you’re reading this article, it means safety is important to you too. Chainsaws are great tools and we love them as much as you do, but they can also be dangerous. PPE, Personal Protective Equipment,  is required when using them. But which safety equipment should you buy? Where should you get it? How can […]

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table saw

3 Table Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

If you need to make a straight cut on a piece of wood, a table saw is a handy tool to have. It’s designed to either make long cuts with the grain of the wood, called rips, or shorter cuts against it. Those are called crosscuts. Because of the way they are designed and built, […]

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Different types of saws

21 Different Types of Saws & Their Uses – Which is Right For You?

Using a basic saw isn’t all that complicated. You draw a blade, usually one with teeth, across an object to cut it. Some saws cut wood, some cut metal, some even cut bone. Some saws are intended to make rough cuts quickly, while other saw blades are designed so that you can finesse and shape […]

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a tile saw for the money

Best Tile Saws for the Money 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

If you’ve ever found yourself throwing chipped and broken tiles into a growing graveyard of worthless scrap, then you have first-hand knowledge of the problems caused by a poor-quality tile saw. Everyone wants clean and straight tile cuts, free of chips and wavering edges. If you invest in the wrong machine, you’ll spend enough time […]

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A table saw fence

Best Table Saw Fences 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Few things are more frustrating than feeding your board through your table saw only to have it veer off course, resulting in a less than straight cut. Although most table saws come equipped with a rip fence, the stock ones often leave much to be desired. If you’re tired of measuring the distance from your […]

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scroll saw

Best Scroll Saws 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

When it comes to making precise, decorative cuts in wood, a scroll saw is an essential tool for the job. You may be familiar with scroll saws from shop class. When it comes to picking the right one to purchase for yourself though, there are many things to think about. How much throat length do […]

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A rolling miter saw stand

Best Miter Saw Stands of 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

We used to refer to this as carpenter’s yoga. Your miter saw is positioned on the ground. You’re trying to cut just a small bit off of a 12-foot section of 2×4. No matter how much force you apply by hand, you can’t seem to hold the board down. So, you extend one leg out […]

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a portable jobsite table saw

Best Portable Jobsite Table Saws 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Choosing the right portable jobsite table saw isn’t as straightforward a choice as it may seem. Because you are looking at a saw to take on the go, the variables aren’t as simple as they are for a saw that you’re going to set up and leave in place. Our reviews took a look at […]

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Best Manual Pole Saws of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Cutting down branches that are high above the ground requires a sturdy, versatile, and high-quality tool. Choosing the correct pole saw for your needs is, however, easier said than done. There are thousands of models available online, each with their unique specifications, features, and selling points. So how do you go about finding the pole […]

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