Colors and shapes puzzle from My Scroll Saw Projects

40 Free Scroll Saw Patterns for Beginners & Advanced Woodworkers

There is nothing worse than treating yourself to a new tool for which you have no immediate use. Some people will say that maybe you shouldn’t buy that tool. They just don’t get it. Every so often, you buy yourself a tool just because you want it. A scroll saw is just such a tool. […]

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table saw

5 Different Types of Table Saws & Their Uses (with Pictures)

Table saws are by far the most comprehensive type of saw used, especially for making furniture. They make a more significant variety of cuts than other saws, but all table saws are different. We want to share with you the two different table saws on the market and what they are used for. Our goal […]

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types of circular saws and their uses

9 Different Types of Circular Saws & Their Uses (with Pictures)

A circular saw is any saw that has a circular blade. They come in many shapes and sizes to be used for different kinds of materials. Circular saws are not all made to cut the same types of materials. You may need to have more than one model to meet your needs. To keep from […]

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table saw

3 Table Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

If you need to make a straight cut on a piece of wood, a table saw is a handy tool to have. It’s designed to either make long cuts with the grain of the wood, called rips, or shorter cuts against it. Those are called crosscuts. Because of the way they are designed and built, […]

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Different types of saws

21 Different Types of Saws & Their Uses – Which is Right For You?

Using a basic saw isn’t all that complicated. You draw a blade, usually one with teeth, across an object to cut it. Some saws cut wood, some cut metal, some even cut bone. Some saws are intended to make rough cuts quickly, while other saw blades are designed so that you can finesse and shape […]

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How to Sharpen a Chainsaw With a Chainsaw Sharpener

The most dangerous cutting edge is a dull cutting edge. That’s as true of a butcher’s knife as it is to a hatchet. It’s especially true for chainsaws. A dulled cutting edge increases the chance of the blade slipping or bouncing off what you’re trying to cut. Using a chainsaw with a dull blade increases […]

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A track saw

What Is a Track Saw Used For? An Overview of 5 Different Uses

When buying new tools to add to any woodworker’s workshop, the track saw has to top the list. This specific tool is sold by a variety of companies, allowing customers the flexibility to purchase something within their price range. It is an efficient tool for long, quick cuts for a wide range of projects. The […]

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using a hand saw in the nature

Best Hand Saws for Woodworking 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Power saws are fun, but sometimes they’re just too cumbersome for the job at hand. A hand saw is the most efficient tool to use in its place. There are many different kinds of hand saws on the market these days, including coping saws, hacksaws, crosscut saws and rip saws. You need to know what […]

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A chainsaw up close

5 Different Types of Chainsaws & Their Uses (with Pictures)

There are so many different chainsaws on the market these days that it can be confusing. You may find yourself asking, “Why are there so many?” and “Which one do I need?” All the chainsaws you see in the stores fall into one of five categories: manual, battery-powered, electric, gas-powered, and pole saws. Each class […]

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types of miter saw

3 Different Types of Miter Saws & Their Uses (with Pictures)

If you build anything at all out of wood, you know the necessity of having a miter saw. These saws can be adjusted by the degree to make any precision angle cut that you need. There are several different kinds, though. Let’s discuss what types those are and what each can do. List of 3 […]

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