Massive chainsaw bar

What Size Chainsaw Do I Need? – Our Buying Guide

There are good reasons why most tree professionals have an inventory of chainsaws. They are inherently dangerous tools, and finding one you can operate safely means finding one that’s best suited for the job you need to do. The biggest, most powerful saw might be able to fell a mighty oak, but using it to […]

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Scotts LCS31140S 14 in. 40-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Chainsaw

Best Battery-Powered Chainsaws 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for a powerful tool to cut down your neighbor’s trees while they sleep, so it has to be silent enough not to wake them. Plus, you need to be able to reach their yard in the first place, so cords are out of the question. Since you […]

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A scroll saw pattern

40 Free Scroll Saw Patterns for Beginners & Advanced Woodworkers

A scroll saw is generally not an everyday type of tool, but it’s great to have around if you want to turn a mundane, basic wood project into something special. We found some simple pattern projects that you can make with your scroll saw right now, as well as some advanced patterns for experienced users. […]

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a table saw

7 Different Types of Table Saws & Their Uses (with Pictures)

Choosing the right style of table saw will make your work faster, safer, and more efficient – whether the projects you have in mind are fine woodworking, DIY, or construction. Operating as the central pivot of any workshop, you’ll find yourself returning to this versatile and practical piece of equipment time and time again. Each […]

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types of circular saws and their uses

9 Different Types of Circular Saws & Their Uses (with Pictures)

Circular saws are the invaluable bread and butter of the woodworking world. Economical, portable, and able to make anything from long rip cuts to quick-and-dirty miters and bevels, no carpenter ever wants to be caught without one. But while we all agree circular saws are awesome, there’s more debate when it comes to the various […]

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table saw

6 Table Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

In its most basic form, a table saw consists of a rotary sawblade poking through the center of a flat worktable. Equipped with fences and guides, its primary purpose is to cut solid wood or manmade boards into more manageable sizes. Given this simple function, why has the table saw become such a centerpiece of […]

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Different types of saws

21 Different Types of Saws & Their Uses – Which is Right For You?

Whether using hand tools or power tools for your next woodworking or metal project, there’s no getting around one essential: the humble saw. As one of the essential tools of every woodworker’s arsenal, choosing the right saw for the job will make your projects easier and more satisfying. To give you a head start on […]

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A track saw

What Is a Track Saw Used For? An Overview of 5 Different Uses

Sometimes it can be hard to pull the trigger, pun intended, on a new tool. If you have a table saw and a circular saw, you may be on the fence about whether or not to purchase a track saw. Knowing exactly what a track saw is used for and how it can benefit you […]

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using a hand saw in the nature

Best Hand Saws for Woodworking – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020

Power saws are fun, but sometimes they’re just too cumbersome for the job at hand. A hand saw is the most efficient tool to use in its place. There are many different kinds of hand saws on the market these days, including coping saws, hacksaws, crosscut saws, and dovetail saws. You need to know what […]

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A chainsaw up close

6 Different Types of Chainsaws & Their Uses (with Pictures)

To some people, chainsaws are mostly useful for the bad guys in horror movies when they feel like axes and machetes are too low-tech. For others, they’re a vital part of everyday life: chainsaws can chop wood, clear brush, remove major obstructions, and lop unhealthy limbs from trees. Yet when you’re in need of a […]

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