Best Table Saw Brands

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Choosing the best table saw brands is essential. If you don’t want to waste off your money, then you should go to the best. Second choices are not something you can enjoy once we are talking about table saws. These power tools are expensive! If you choose a wrong one, then you are just blowing your money away!

Moreover, getting a substandard table saw will just annoy you. First, it cannot make smooth cuts. Second, they will just slow down your job. Third, they are not cost-efficient when it comes to operation. They have no advantages, to begin with. That is why it is crucial for a serious woodworker like you to get the best. Only the best table saws can give you the performance that you are expecting.

We are not discriminating brands here. There are some decent brands out there, as a matter of fact. Howtaever, we don’t want to put you in a hassle. If possible, you should get the right table saw for you in just one go. You need no marketing stunts! You need a tested-and-proven performance! Therefore, you should check out these top rated table saw brands that would certainly satisfy you!

Best Table Saw Brands

    When it comes to table saws, DEWALT is a sure beast. It has been manufacturing several models and varieties of table saws for decades already. The performance of their tools has already been proven in the market. Even if you go to several job sites and construction areas, you will see their table saws grinding through a lot of tables.One of the quality features of their table saws is the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System. This innovation is unique only to DEWALT. Specifically, it is a technology that lets you make a tool-free adjustment to its guarding parts. Because of this, you won’t strain too much on using this tool! Moreover, it enables the table saw to give the work on different applications appropriately.One of the table saws that uses this system is the DEWALT DWE7480XA. Among all the table saws today, we consider it is as the best. Aside from its hassle-free adjustment, it also has a monstrous cutting speed! It can give off a no-load speed of 4,800, which is essential in cutting thick hardwood! It also got the DEWALT tooth carbide blade that possesses 24 sharp teeth!You can also expect that all DEWALT table saws are highly versatile. You can see this through its flexibility in handling bevel cuts. Moreover, some of their table saws are adjustable so that they can work even on uneven surfaces! These are some of the qualities that only DEWALT can give!
    Shop Fox is a new name in the power tool industry. Specifically, they are focused on making home-type power tools. Because of this, many DIYers and homeowners became a fan of their products. When it comes to table saws, Shop Fox is one of the best!Honestly, SHOP FOX only has one table saw model. But don’t fret yet. After all, you should consider this as an advantage. All of the current technologies of this brand has been poured to this single table saw! The Shop Fox W1819 uses a triple belt drive so that it can have an insanely strong cutting power. The presence of cast iron trunnions improves the stability and precision of your cuts!Since this one is a hybrid table saw, its reliability on the workshop is superb! It is ideal for cutting bevels, compound miters, and chamfers. You can do this, thanks to a patented blade tilt lock, which enables a fast adjustment to the cutting angle of the saw! Moreover, you will also love that Shop Fox integrated a riving knife to this table saw! Specifically, it prevents the dangerous kickbacks from happening!Aside from supreme cutting efficiency, you can guarantee that using Shop Fox tools are truly safe!
    If you need the best cabinet table saw, you should go to SawStop. SawStop is your friend when it comes to saws. In fact, they got every variety of saws that you need, from jigsaws to bandsaws! However, since we are talking about table saws, let us give highlight to their PCS31230-TGP252 cabinet table saw.The PCS31230-TGP252 table saw is a professional power tool. It is intended for high-end construction purposes. Despite that, wood artisans and hobbyist can benefit from this tool! One of its best features is its sophisticated dust collection blade guard traps. This feature is unique to SawStop table saws only! It is the one that takes out the fine residues and dust on the surface of the table. Since SawStop loves thorough cleaning, it also includes a shrouding below the table. This component gives turbulence so that dust would go directly to its dust collection port!Most of the table saws of SawStop having a riving knife. Therefore, you can guarantee that kickbacks won’t occur, even if you are dealing with thick woods.When it comes to power, you will certainly be happy with SawStop table saws. For example, the PCS31230-TGP252 has a 220-volt motor that gives off powerful cutting performance to the saw!

    However, the greatest selling point of this brand is its protective mechanism. Specifically, they integrated an electronic detection system that automatically stops the blade once it detects that your fingers are getting in contact with it!

  4. BOSCH
    Bosch is another power tool giant. They have been a familiar name to the industry due to their cutting edge tools that have been a great help for many contractors. With their rapport alone, you could already trust their power tools. However, let us dig a little deeper to their table saws.One of the best manufacturers of table saws is Bosch. There is no denying about that. The performance of their saws is truly top notch. In fact, they can even rival the products of DEWALT. Perhaps, the opus that could prove that is the Bosch 4100-09 Table Saw. This tool has a user-friendly technology called the Gravity-Rise wheel stand. This innovation disperses the weight of the entire tool so that you can move it without feeling its heaviness! Of course, this technology is unique to Bosch only!Moreover, this table saw from Bosch have a SquareLock Rip Fence that minimizes the wastes of your cut. Specifically, it gives you the exact cutting precision that you want, so that your output would be smooth and clean!Just like Shop Fox and Saw Stop, Bosch uses a riveting knife so that kickbacks won’t happen. However, these brands don’t have the Constant Response Circuitry of Bosch. This component keeps the speed of the blade even if there is an under loading on the power source! With these qualities, you should not wonder anymore why Bosch is one of the best table saw brands on the market today!

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  • SKIL


Knowing the entire best table saw brands can minimize the hassle of buying. Each of these manufacturers produces a variety of table saws that could handle different applications. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a hybrid, cabinet, or a contractor table saw. You can guarantee that these brands of table saws have all of them!