Best Scroll Saw Brands

Scroll Saw

The best scroll saw brands should be your first choice. After all, you don’t want to get a substandard power saw that could not meet your expectations.

A scroll saw is considered as a “specialty” power tool. This is because its application is not inclined on the heavy duty side of industrial devices. Moreover, this saw is for making intricate decorative cuts and curves in materials such as wood. However, a power tool is still a power tool. There is nothing that changes that. Therefore, they can still be pricey, regardless of their type and function.

This is the reason why you have to get the right scroll saw. Wrong investments can just hurt your money. If you really need this tool, then taking risks is not optional. You can’t just trust something that is vaguely known. We are not discriminating brands here. We are just saying that some scroll saws couldn’t make the cut. If you know the best scroll saw, will you still prefer lesser brands? We think not.

Choosing a scroll saw from the prominent brands of power tools is truly advantageous. They remove the hassle and worry of having a shabby saw. If you are curious what companies are producing the best scroll saws right now, then you should read on!

Here are the best brands of scrolls saws in the market today!

Best Scroll Saw Brands

    Nobody can deny that DEWALT is the leading producers of scroll saws nowadays. The models of scroll saws they produce are certainly top notch. You can guarantee that choosing any of their saws will redeem your expectations.We all know that DEWALT is popular. However, the quality of their products is not based on popularity. After all, they wouldn’t get famous if their tools have poor performance on the field. Years of innovation has revolutionized most of their tools. They have already developed several power tools that can complement any working environments. Even an amateur would never have a trouble on handling their tools.For example, the DEWALT DW788 is one of the best scroll saws today. In fact, we can confidently say that it is the best. Its reliability and precision on making intricate cuts are truly exceptional. It possesses different features that only DEWALT can give. Such of this is its ergonomic design which enhances its smooth operation. Any woodworker won’t experience any problem with this scroll saw. Most of its controls are accessible because they are placed in front of the arm.You will also love the cutting performance of this DEWALT scroll saw. It can run up to 400 to 1,750 strokes, which enables it to handle different work pieces. With a variable speed control, the versatility of this tool is virtually limitless. This scroll saw testifies to the technology that DEWALT has.
  2. RYOBI
    You are might not familiar with the Ryobi brand. However, you should trust us as they have one of the best scroll saws on the market today! Ryobi is just an emerging power tool company. However, their products are already in service to different homeowners and industrial workers. Even professionals would love to use their tools because of their innovative design and performance.Honestly, Ryobi only got one model of a scroll saw. This is the Ryobi SC165VS Corded Scroll Saw. However, the company put their entire dedication in the creation of this tool. The result? A highly exceptional and versatile scroll saw!The Ryobi SC165VS Corded Scroll Saw has the qualities of being the best. First, you will adore its impressive cutting speed that ranges from 550 to 1,650 strokes per minute. It can handle a wide array of materials, too, thanks to its variable speed control. We are also taken aback with its large cast iron base. This support system of this scroll saw effectively minimizes the vibration, even if you are doing aggressive cuts!It also comes with a unique tool-less blade clamp so that you can change the blades as quick as possible. Moreover, it got a tilting table that you can adjust up to 45 degrees so that you can make bevel cuts!

    Ryobi made all of these features to guarantee the optimal performance of this scroll saw! Therefore, you can certainly assure that this tool will live up to your expectations. Who knows? There might come a day when Ryobi will compete against the power tool giants!

    Another brand that you can rely on when it comes to scroll saws is the DELTA Power Tools. This company has been in existence for 90 years already. They are experts when it comes to making power tools for woodworking. This is the main reason why their scroll saws are among the best today! Their devices have undergone series of innovations so that their performance would improve. The company also focused on making their products convenient to any users!An example of this the DELTA Power Tools 40-694 scroll saw. This saw has outstanding features, which makes it ideal for small workshops. It got a pretty decent cutting speed (400 to 1,750 strokes per minute) which can outlast most of the conventional scroll saw today.Moreover, this scroll saw uses the parallel-link design. Of all the types of scroll saws, the parallel link is the best. This system enables the smooth and quiet operation of a scroll saw, even while doing hard tasks. Aside from that, it also reduces vibrations for greater precision while working.The 40-694 Scroll Saw have an ergonomic design that puts the necessary controls like the blade tensioning lever, dust blower, and variable speed control on the front of the arm. These make them very accessible to the user, which in turn, improves the rate of productivity.

Honorable Mentions For The Best Scroll Saw Brands

  • WEN Power Tools
  • Rockwell Power Tools
  • Skil
  • Dremel


The best scroll saw brands provide you a wide array of choices for this power tool. Each of them has unique features that make their products high-performing and unique. Investing on any of their scroll saws will give you long-term benefits. If you are a serious woodworker, then selecting a scroll saw from any of these companies is truly advantageous!