Best Hand Saws for Woodworking 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

using a hand saw in the naturePower saws are fun, but sometimes they’re just too cumbersome for the job at hand. A hand saw is the most efficient tool to use in its place.

There are many different kinds of hand saws on the market these days, including coping saws, hacksaws, crosscut saws and rip saws. You need to know what kind of job you want to do with the saw in order to choose the right kind, and you also need to know how easy it is to use.

We’ve put together some reviews of the best hand saws on the market today. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each model so that you get a good feel for each of them. We’ll also include tips on what to look for in your saw and how to safely use it.

A Quick Comparison

ModelPriceWeightEditor Rating
GreatNeck N2610 - 26 Inch 10 TPI
GreatNeck N2610 - 26 Inch 10 TPI
(Top Pick)

Check Price
2 lbs4.8/5
(Best electric pick)

Check Price
6 lbs4.7/5
Stanley 15-344 15-Inch Blade
Stanley 15-344 15-Inch Blade
(Best for the Money)

Check Price
1 lb4.5/5

Check Price
1 lb4.2/5
AIRAJ 18" Quick Hand Saw
AIRAJ 18" Quick Hand Saw

Check Price
1 lb4.0/5

5 Best Hand Saw Reviews 2019

1. GreatNeck N2610 26 Inch Hand Saw – Top Pick

GreatNeck N2610 - 26 Inch 10 TPI

If you need a heavy-duty saw that will cut through anything, the GreatNeck N2610 is for you. This 26-inch saw is made in the good ole U.S.A. out of high carbon steel and hardwood. It’s made sturdy enough that it will tackle any job that you give it, with ease, and it will last a very long time.

There are a couple of things that you need to consider when purchasing a hand saw. How sharp and sturdy are the teeth and the blade, and how comfortable is the handle? The blade on this saw is heavy enough that it won’t bow on you while you’re using it, and it has razor-sharp precision set teeth that will cut through anything in just a manner of minutes. You don’t have to worry about the blade getting dull either; this blade is easy to re-sharpen.

It also has a sturdy, carved handle designed to comfortably fit multiple hand sizes. Even though the handle is designed to fit the curve of your hand, its wood construction allows you to reshape it to get the comfort level that you desire.

The set of the saw is also important. The set of a saw is the distance that the saw tooth is bent away from the saw blade. This makes your cuts slightly wider than the blade itself, which is important to keep your saw from getting bound up while cutting. The set on the GreatNeck N2610 is a little aggressive, so your cut will be a little wider than with other saws.

If you’re looking for a saw that you can use at work or at home and that will last you a lifetime, look no further. The GreatNeck N2610 is the hand saw for you.

  • Made in USA
  • Durable & lightweight
  • High carbon steel blade
  • Easy to re-sharpen
  • Comfortable fit
  • Aggressive set

2. BLACK+DECKER PHS550B – Best Electric Hand saw


Black+Decker knew what they were doing when they built the PHS550B electric hand saw. This saw is a must-have for anyone who needs their saw to cut through most anything, yet needs a little helping hand.

This saw comes complete with one large capacity blade for cutting wood, one blade for cutting metal, and a carrying bag. It has a 6-foot cord to give you plenty of room to move, is lightweight so it’s easy to use, and is durable enough to endure whatever you throw at it.

The saw runs on electricity so the blade moves on its own and does the sawing for you. It has variable speeds for different jobs. You don’t have to worry about your safety while using this saw, either. It has a safety lock, which prevents the saw from running until you are ready. Your ears are safe too, as this saw is quiet for a power tool.

The most difficult thing to do with these kinds of saws is putting on the blades. It can be pretty challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing, and this particular saw doesn’t have very clear instructions.
Through trial and error, it has been found that you have to use a flat-head screwdriver to reposition the lock to match the hole in the blade. Once this is done, the blade slides easily into place. The problem is that the directions don’t tell you that.

All in all, this is definitely one of the best electric handsaws.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Variable speeds
  • Safety lock
  • No directions on how to easily Install the blade

3. Stanley 15-Inch Blade Hand Saw – Best for the Money

Stanley 15-344 15-Inch Blade

When you need a good saw but just don’t have the money for the top-of-the-line models, the Stanley 15-344 saw is for you. Stanley is known for having quality tools and this saw fits that bill perfectly.

This 15-inch saw has 9 points per inch for quick and efficient cuts. It has an aggressive 3-sided tooth design that allows for it to cut up to 50% faster than other conventional hand saws. This saw doesn’t stay sharp as long as you would like, though you can get it re-sharpened. It also isn’t as thick as some saw blades and will bend some during use.

The hardwood handle is designed to provide comfort and control, giving you the firm grip that you need for efficiently doing your work. Sometimes that work takes you away from home, and that is okay because this saw is small enough that it fits pretty well in the average toolbox. It also has a spot on the back of the saw that can be used to mark out 45° and 90° angles.

Overall, if you need a reliable saw that won’t break the bank, this is the saw for you. It has a couple of flaws, but they’re small enough that they shouldn’t deter you from trying it out.

  • Aggressive 3-sided tooth design
  • 9 points per inch
  • Comfortable handle
  • Small enough to transport
  • Thinner blade
  • Needs sharpened more often

4. MOSSY OAK MO-17009 – Best Folding Hand Saw


The Mossy Oak MO-17009 is the best folding hand saw that we have found. It’s easy to open and close, and since the blade folds completely into the handle, you can toss it into your pocket without worrying about it snagging on anything.

The Mossy Oak comes with three different types of blades: a blade for wood, a blade for plastic, and a blade for metal. All three blades are 7.5 inches in length and are made out of durable carbon steel, making them rust resistant. The strong steel also helps the blade to stay sharp longer. It has triple-cut, razor sharp teeth that can also cut through bone, making it the perfect hand saw to carry with you when hunting. It also works great to clear all of the little branches and other debris that are in your way when you’re out working in your yard or garden. The metal blade will cut thinner pieces of metal, but it is slow going.

This little saw has an ergonomically designed, rubber-coated handle, providing a non-slip grip. This handle is versatile, making it great for all hand sizes, from small, all the way up to extra large. It also has a gear-style lock for the blade so that the blade won’t collapse or snap shut while you are cutting. It also keeps the blade from flopping around when you aren’t using it.

This saw kit comes with a convenient and safe carrying case that will fit either on the belt loop of your pants or on a Molle web. The sheath is made out of heavy cordura material and has spaces to hold the saw, as well as the two additional blades that come with the kit.

This saw is the best folding saw that we have found for you to carry around. Since it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, the blade isn’t as sturdy as some and is a tad flimsy, but that is about the norm for smaller saws.

  • Durable carbon steel blade
  • Three types of blades
  • Sharp teeth
  • Multi-purpose
  • Sturdy handle
  • Carrying case
  • Flimsy
  • Short blade
  • Metal blade not so quick
  • Teeth gum up quickly

5. AIRAJ 18″ Quick Hand-Saw

AIRAJ 18" Quick Hand Saw

There really isn’t a lot to say about the AIRAJ 18 inch saw. It does the job that it’s supposed to do, but it takes more strength to use than other saws. There isn’t anything spectacular about it.

The handle is comfortable to use but the overall quality of it isn’t great. On the plus side, it comes with a cover to protect the teeth and a hole at the top to hang it from when storing.

  • Protective teeth cover
  • Easy hanging storage
  • Just your average cutting saw
  • Mediocre quality
  • Takes a lot of muscle power

User Guide:

Things to know before choosing:

Hand saws are a tool that every homeowner uses at some point in time. When looking to purchase one, there are several things that you should keep in mind to find the one that is best for you.

  1. Know what kind of work you’re going to be using the saw for, and get one that is appropriate for that kind of cutting.
  2. Make sure the blade is sharp. Dull blades are probably the cause of 98% of the frustration that people experience when using hand saws.
  3. Make sure the blade is thick enough that it won’t flex too much for the job at hand.
  4. Check that it’s made with good, quality materials.
  5. Hold it to make sure it’s comfortable in your hand.
  6. What kind of finished cut are you looking for? Is rough okay, or do you want a smooth, finished look?

Determining if it’s the right one for you:

If you are new to using hand saws, here are some tips to help you determine what kind of saw you will need.

  1. How many teeth does it have per inch (TPI)?
  2. Bigger teeth are used more for softer materials.
  3. Smaller teeth are used on harder materials.
  4. When trying to rip softwoods with the grain, use a coarse blade saw with 2 – 8 TPI.
  5. For cross-cutting or use on moderately hard materials, use a medium blade saw with 10 – 20 TPI
  6. Fine blades with 20 – 30 TPI are best for hard surfaces and very detailed cuts.
  7. Bigger teeth mean a faster cut but also a rougher cut.
  8. Each saw has a “set.” This is how far the teeth stick out from the center of the blade. The teeth alternate in opposite directions to make the cut a little wider than the actual blade. This helps to keep your saw from binding up in the cut.

Some pro tips for using a hand saw:

  1. Use light pressure. Start slow and let the saw do the work for you.
  2. Keep the blade perpendicular to what you’re cutting. Don’t let the blade twist.
  3. Take as long of a stroke as you can. This will make your blade last longer, as well as make your cuts straighter and smoother.
  4. Make sure that your work is well supported and secure before you start to saw.
  5. Be sure to remove any nails or staples that may be in your wood before you begin to saw.
  6. Pay more attention to where you want the saw to go more than where it is at any given time. This will also help make your cuts straighter.

Taking care of your handsaw:

  1. Keep your blades sharp.
  2. Get some sort of sheath to put over the teeth to protect them. It can be something as cheap as the slide bars for binding report covers (found at your local office supply shop), or as sturdy as a piece of hose slit down one side.
  3. Keep your saw clean and dry.

Our Final Verdict:

So now that you know what to look for, how to use, and how to properly take care of your saw, let’s do a quick review of our top hand saw picks.

  1. GreatNeck N2610 – 26 Inch 10 TPI – Our Top Overall Pick
  2. BLACK+DECKER PHS550B- The Best Electric Hand Saw
  3. Stanley 15-334 15-Inch Blade – Best for the Money
  4. MOSSY OAK MO-17009 – The Best Folding Hand Saw
  5. AIRAJ 18″ Quick Hand Saw

Hopefully, our reviews have helped you understand some of the different hand saws that are out there. It can be overwhelming to try to shop online because there are so many different choices—even more than walking into a store. You should now know what to look for in a hand saw, though, giving you more confidence in choosing the one that is right for you.