Best Circular Saw Brands

DeWalt circular saw

When choosing a circular saw, going for the best is just an act of instinct and common sense. After all, who wants a brittle and low-powered saw? How can you even cut those woods and other sturdy materials if your saw has a poor quality?  Therefore, you will need to choose the best circular saw brands.

We are not saying that most of the brands are like this. However, we can see that the proliferation of different circular saw brands has been rampant this year. If this is the case, how can you even find the right one?

To be honest, choosing the best circular saw is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of considerations. Moreover, you will need to inspect the features of each option that you have. Therefore, this is an ordeal that will consume your time. Of course, you would do this because you don’t want to throw your money for something that won’t serve you.

This is the reason why we took the honor of featuring some of the trusted brands of circular saws. Specifically, this article is intended to give you the best names in the industry today. By this, your options will narrow down. As a result, you can easily find a circular saw that will serve you taste and applications.

Best Circular Saw Brands

  1. DeWALT
    DeWALT is a popular manufacturer of power tools in the market today. Even before you became a DIY person, you might have heard this brand already. They produce strong and innovative tools which can cater even the toughest industrial tasks.Moreover, the versatility of their tools will certainly impress you. For example, their DEWALT DWE575SB circular saw is ideal for any cutting applications. After all, it is one of the saws that have the highest power rating. You can also expect that their circular saws are easy to use because of user-friendly ergonomics.Aside from that, industry experts won’t trust this brand if it does not produce safe power tools. Specifically, most of their circular saws have electric brakes and protective guards to ensure you will not meet any accidents!
  2. Makita
    When it comes to popularity, Makita will certainly rank first. All of the industrial and power tools they produced went through several testing to ensure their quality. Moreover, each of their products has innovative technology to enhance their performance further.Specifically, you will notice that their circular saws have an ergonomic design. Aside from the easy-to-use feature, you can expect that their saws can cut even the sturdiest material. You should know that Makita is one of the pioneers of brushless tools. This technology allows the tool to perform more efficiently compared to its brushed (corded) counterpart. You can see this technology on their circular saws too.For example, the XSS02Z 18V is a cordless type of circular saw that has a fade-free operation. Because of this kind of construction, their saws can work even in the tightest corners. Moreover, you should underestimate the power of their motors. Usually, their no load speed ranges from 3,000 RPM to 5,000 RPM.
  3. Hitachi
    Another brand of circular saw that you should consider is the Hitachi. This brand has been in the industry for decades already, which proves it rapport and quality. They operate in several parts of the world. However, you can ensure that the performance of their tools will always be standard and uniform.Most of their circular saws have a cordless design, just like the brand Makita. Aside from that, you will love that their lithium ion battery has a separate insurance warranty! When it comes to performance, Hitachi’s saws won’t disappoint you. They are convenient to use even in different applications. Moreover, the power and precision are always present!When you go to this brand, you should consider their C7SB2 circular saw. Among all of their circular saws, this is the best seller. Well, we are not wondering about that. After all, the C7SB2 model is for heavy duty applications. It has sturdy casing and can produce a no-load speed of 5,800 RPM! That is insanely strong, indeed!
  4. Rockwell
    Rockwell is a brand of power tools that is gradually taking the competition. Specifically, they are a US-based company that manufactures different industrial instruments such as cordless and brushless tools!Apparently, Rockwell produces one of the unique lines of circular saws. Their circular saws are quite smaller than their counterparts. However, you should not worry a thing or two about this kind of construction. For example, their RK3441K circular saw efficiently eliminates the setup process, which is usual to its larger counterpart. They are also easy to use because they are lightweight and compact.It also comes with a laser guide to ensure that your cut will be straight and precise. Moreover, you will love that the circular saws of Rockwell come with different blades. Each of these blades is useful to different applications. Therefore, having one their circular saws will improve your versatility in work!
  5. SKIL
    This list would not be complete without the brand Skil. Apparently, you should give your trust to this brand. After all, they are one of the inventors of circular saws! Because of this fact, you can ensure that they have a better understanding of this tool compared to other brands. As proof, you can see it to the features and functions of their circular saws.For example, both of their 5280-01 and 5180-01 models possess enormous cutting power. They can go as fast as 5,000 RPM (no load speed), which is essential for heavy duty jobs. Moreover, this brand also uses a weight-reduction technology to their tools, which also reduces the user’s stress and fatigue. They will also give you a free bag for a safe storage of their tools!Aside from this, the circular saws of Skil have dust blowers and other user-friendly ergonomics. You can be safe in using their saws because of the power indicator, which is a preemptive warning for you. Through this feature, you will reduce your carelessness in handling their tools! Of course, their saws have a safety lock to prevent accidental starts!


The best circular saw brands will act as your safe havens when you are choosing for this power tool. After all, circular saws may not come cheap, especially if you are looking for a professional-grade type. If you are ready to invest, then go to these brands first. We can ensure that you will find what you are looking for in them!

Moreover, you should also learn how to use this tool safely and properly. Doing this will ensure the lifespan of your saw. As a result, you can save yourself from spending unwanted expenses.