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SawingPros is dedicated to providing the freshest content on different kinds of saws and accessories on the market today.

Our obsession with saws and all things “cutting” goes back for years. Because we routinely work with all types of saws, we understand the importance of quality and reliability. As new products and models flow into the market, we’re focused on content that covers the latest information and trends. We also share our insights on the best products to suit various needs and requirements.

We keep you posted on the latest products to help you choose one that best fits your needs. Our reviews span a wide range of saws, providing detailed information in buyer’s guides that help you cut through all the noise, so you can prioritize the essentials.

Saws are used to cut more than wood, of course. There’s a saw out there for every purpose: concrete, glass, metal, plastic, tile, and more! SawingPros is here to help you find the right tools and accessories for the job.

Kyle Newton

Kyle Newton 

CEO & Editor-in Chief

Kyle comes from a long line of woodworkers, craftsmen, and carpenters, each of whom passed on their knowledge and experience with the next generation. He made his first bevel cut on a compound miter saw at the age of 8, and cut down his first tree with a chainsaw at 10. When he’s not managing SawingPros, Kyle can be found in his workshop, testing and using every type of saw and power tool he can get his hands on. His favorite tool is a horizontal band saw and his favorite wood is maple.

LeRoy Millersbaugh

LeRoy Millersbaugh

Associate Editor & Contributor

A third-generation carpenter, LeRoy has been working with power saws since his early teens. A 20-year journeyman, LeRoy specializes in custom home building and sustainable living construction projects. He loves a good worm drive circular saw and thinks rosewood is the most exquisite medium to work with. LeRoy is an avid collector of vintage hand tools and operates a collective co-op workshop in his hometown of Allegheny, Pennsylvania.