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Welcome to – The website that can teach you everything you need to know about all the different saws on the market. We have always loved using different saws and discovering new saws that can be used for different purposes. We truly love to discover saws, use them and blog about their uses. This is why we have created, that works as an authority site that can answer all your questions from: What is the best Chainsaw? to questions like: How to sharpen a chainsaw. Simply put: we cover everything about saws. On our website, we write about the most known saws out there. You can find most of our comprehensive saw buying guides below this.


Husqvarna 240 2 HP

Read our in-depth chainsaw buying guide, to find the best chainsaw for your needs. The buying guide is regularly updated and the guide consists of our reviews of some of the best chainsaws on the market. In the guide, we also give you tips and tricks that you need to know before going out and buying yourself a chainsaw.

Circular Saws


Circular Saws. A perfect saw for the handymen and the professional. The circular saw is a must-have tool in the arsenal, and if used right, can do a lot of tasks very quick. It’s perfect for cutting through a lot of different material but especially wood. In our comprehensive circular saw buying guide,we show you the best on the market and give you the advice needed to make the initial buying decision.

Miter Saws


A miter saw is the saw to use if you are looking to make accurate crosscuts and miters in a workpiece. This fine saw is very popular, and with good reason. As a woodworker, it is frequently used, and can make some very precise cuts. There are a lot of products to choose from, and a lot of things to know before picking one, which is why we have written a popular guide for finding the best miter saw that fits your needs.

… And a bunch of others!

Table Saws

Find our in-depth table saw buying guide here. It gives you all the information that you need to know.


On the look for a jigsaw? Check out our popular jigsaw reviews, that’s perfect if you’re on the look for a new jigsaw.

Worm Drive Saws

Worm drive saws are really useful. Find our comprehensive worm drive saw buying guide right here.

Band Saws

Looking for a new band saw? Then we’ve got you covered. See our tips in our in-depth band saw buying guide.


Pole Saws

A pole saw is a very handy saw. On the look for one? Read our pole saw reviews.

Reciprocating Saws

On the look for a reciprocating saw? Check our popular reciprocating saw buying guide.

Scroll Saws

It’s always good to have a solid scroll saw. Check out our scroll saw top picks here.

Tile Saws

We also have a tile saw buying guide that explains all the things you need to know when you are buying a tile saw.