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Makita JR3070CT Reciprocating Saw

How Does A Reciprocating Saw Work

How does a reciprocating saw work? With its usefulness in demolition and major construction projects, it is no wonder people will ask such question. And please, that’s not even a stupid query. After all, knowing how a power tool works is essential so that you can maximize its performance!

A reciprocating saw is the best tool you can use for remodeling jobs. Its design has variations, depending on the speed, power, and features. It can do a rapid push-and-pull motion so that it can tackle different materials such as wood and metal. You can almost compare it to a drill, except that it doesn’t use a spinning motion to strip embedded objects!

Specifically, here is the exact mechanism of a reciprocating saw.

How Does A Reciprocating Saw Work?

Most of the reciprocating saws today follow a simple system of operation. However, different models might use unique types of drives. Such of these are the Scotch yoke, captive camp, eccentric cam, barrel cam, a rotary drive, a linear drive, and swash plate. Both of the eccentric cam and Scotch yoke are there to balance the weight of the entire saw. In this way, fewer vibrations are being produced during operation.

On the other hand, the swash plate is the one that provides the least vibration when running. Therefore, you can expect that there will be a rotational balance when you use a reciprocating saw that has this drive. Specifically, it redirects the vibration to the blade to improve its efficiency in cutting.

Of course, you can still control the entire blade by keeping the foot of the reciprocating saw against the material you are working.

Now that we discussed the basics of a reciprocating saw let us go to its specific parts. Through this, you will be able to know how each part contributes to the entire system.


A saw without a blade is not a saw. However, different types of saws utilize their blades in a unique manner. Specifically, there are two mechanisms in where a blade operates. First is the push-and-pull motion. The second one is through an orbital motion.

There are four types of blades that you can attach to your reciprocating saw. The first one is the high-carbon steel blades, which works best against woods that embedded nails. The second one is the blade that has deep gullets and quirky tooth layout. You can use this blade for making clean cuts on green wood.

On the other hand, the diamond grit blade is your option for dealing with car iron. For cast aluminum, it should be carbide tip blades. Meanwhile, high-speed steels are essential for tackling steel pipes, plate, bars, and channels.

A reciprocating saw can do masonry jobs if it has a carbide-grit blade.


The motor or the engine is the one responsible for running the reciprocating saw. It doesn’t matter if you use a cordless a corded reciprocating saw. You will still need a powerful motor that can keep up with your pace. For a cordless type, you should choose between the 18, 24, and 36-volt model. For corded saws, your options are the 4 to 16-amp models!

The more powerful the motor, the stronger and faster the cutting force of the saw. Typically, the cutting speed ranges from 2,400 – 3,200 strokes per minute.

Variable Speed Control

We know that you like powerful reciprocating saws. However, you should know that essential control is needed so that you can cut perfectly through different materials. This is where the Variable Speed Control plays it role. This is the component of the saw that controls its cutting speed. You will need to slow down the blade when you are dealing with hard objects. The opposite should be done if you are ripping soft materials.


The shoe is the one that dictates the stability of the entire reciprocating saw. An adjustable shoe, on the other hand, can give you maximum versatility when cutting. They can also give you optimal visibility on your blade so that you can work fast and precise!


A soft-grip handle is essential for extensive projects. With this present, you can feel less fatigue and stress on dealing this power tool. Moreover, there are reciprocating saws that have rotating handles. This feature will work best if you want to cut materials at awkward angles and positions.


Knowing how a reciprocating saw works will benefit you and anyone who uses this tool. By learning the entire process, you will be able to take care of this tool correctly. Moreover, you can fully amplify the performance of your saw, since you know how each part work!

Moreover, we will remind you that reciprocating saws are still power tools. Therefore, there are still dangers every time you use them. Proper precaution will save you from a quick trip to the hospital!

Makita JR3070CT Reciprocating Saw

Best Reciprocating Saw Brands

Makita JR3070CT Reciprocating Saw

Choosing the best reciprocating saw brands is necessary so that you can get the most out of your money. You cannot expect that a reciprocating saw from an unknown brand can give you the performance that you want. Well, we are not stereotyping things here. However, popular power tools brands exist because they have a tested-and-proven rapport. It means that all of their products, including reciprocating saws, have top-notch features and capabilities.

Yes. You have the option to choose. However, why would you risk your money for uncertainties? If you can instantly get a decent reciprocating saw, why would you still subject yourself to trials? By now, you should already know that power tools are pretty expensive. Therefore, you must invest in a brand that has guaranteed qualities!

When it comes to reciprocating saws, here are some of the brands that lead the ranks. Each of them produces different kinds of reciprocating saws. Therefore, your options are not really limited, even just by shopping on a single brand!

Best Reciprocating Saw Brands

    DEWALT has a lot to offer when it comes to professional reciprocating saws. Each of their power saws can meet the industrial expectations and standards. Therefore, using them will enable you to deal a variety of applications. From simple to difficult remodeling projects, DEWALT power saws can accomplish them! Moreover, you will love that their products have one-year free service and three years limited warranty. This is not something you see every day!Specifically, there are exceptional reciprocating saws that DEWALT surely takes pride. Among these are DEWALT DWE304 and DEWALT DC385B. These two reciprocating saws have powerful performance, wherever job sites you will bring them. They have cutting speeds that range from 0 to 3,000 strokes per minute! Therefore, the materials you can rip are virtually unlimited!Aside from that, these DEWALT saws testify the innovative designs by this brand. They have user-friendly adjustment system that enables the blade to move in different motions. With this feature, the cutting capability of this saw is truly versatile!
    The brand Porter-Cable is one of the fastest growing power tools company today. They have been constant in producing quality industrial products! Any professionals would love to give their tool a try because of the optimal performance they have!Moreover, the reciprocating saws of Porter-Cable are designed to last. This means that you can guarantee the durability and sturdiness of their power tools! Aside from that, the brand also produces cordless and corded saws. With this, your options are not limited to only one design.One of the reciprocating saws of Porter-Cable caught our attention. Specifically, the PORTER-CABLE PC75TRS runs through a 7.5 amp motor, which is intensely strong, by the way. The cutting speed it can perform can reach up to 3,200 strokes per minute, with depth that goes as far 1 1/8-inch! Furthermore, you will definitely love the pivoting capability of its shoe. With this, you will be able to cut at any positions and areas!

    This reciprocating saw is just one of the proofs of how good Porter-Cable when it comes to power tools!

  3. BOSCH
    You will never ignore the capacity of every reciprocating saw of Bosch. After all, this brand has been in the industry for decades already. Throughout their existence, they have been consistent in upgrading the performance of all their products, not just reciprocating saws. Investing on one of their tools is truly worth your money.Specifically, the reciprocating saws of Bosch are perfect for heavy-duty applications. However, even the typical DIYers will find use on them! This is because of their user-friendly design, which accommodates even the beginners! Despite this, the performance of their saws is remarkable to the extent that you can be loyal to them!For example, their Bosch CRS180B reciprocating saw has features which make it unique in its class. Among all the reciprocating saws, it is the only one that has a two-speed setting. Aside from the variable speed control, its speed setting enables you to control the cutting mechanism of the blade fully! The first mode will give you a 0 – 2,400 strokes per minute capability. The second one guarantees you a 0 – 2,700 cutting force!

    Of course, this is not just the feature that you will love from BOSCH. Once you try one of their units, you will realize that we were not bluffing when we said that they are one of the best reciprocating saw brands!

    The reciprocating saws of Makita are surely astounding! They are among the few brands who uses the brushless technology on their power tools. With this innovation present, you can expect that their cordless reciprocating saws will grind through anything!Aside from that, you will love the ergonomics integrated by Makita to their saws. For example, the 18V LXT LithiumIon Cordless Reciprocating saw has refined crank mechanism. This feature reduces the blade deflection when encountering hard materials. It also contributes on the lessening of vibration. Therefore, fatigue should be the last thing you feel when using this reciprocating saw.Moreover, their entire cordless reciprocating saw uses 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery. This power source has an impressive charge retention and fade-free performance. Makita will also give you their rapid charger so that no downtime will be experienced during extensive projects!

    Their power saws are also compact and lightweight. We can definitely say that Makita cares about the welfare of their customers. Simultaneously, they also make sure that their tools will perform the way you expect them to be!

Honorable Mention

  • Milwaukee


The best reciprocating saw brands should always be your first choice! It is a recommendation that we want you to take in. Of course, we want you to have a satisfying experience with your power tool. Therefore, we will never ever give you the flimsy ones. After all, we cannot profit from them! In the end, what we want is for you to get the best reciprocating saw to accomplish every project that you have!