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Black & Decker KS888E Jig Saw

How Does A Jigsaw Work?

A jigsaw is a power tool that any carpenters, construction professionals, and DIYers should have. Aside from the conventional saw, a jigsaw is a tool of necessity, especially if we are talking about cutting objects. Of course, you won’t be able to take advantage of this tool without knowing how does a jigsaw work.

This power tool is effective in cutting curves in wood. However, if you use the right blade, this saw can cut through metals and ceramic tiles. This is how powerful a jigsaw can be! Despite that, a jigsaw is still one of the safest tools that you can use. With proper supervision, you can even let your child use it! It doesn’t look too scary compared to the monstrous chainsaw and circular saw!

One of the things that you will appreciate about a jigsaw is that it can make bevel cuts precisely. If you are trying to make a fancy furniture, then bevel cuts are necessary. Therefore, there is a necessity for you to have a jigsaw.

Sometimes, you would just wonder how this tool can do all those applications. For a small power tool, this one can do a lot of heavy duty applications! Moreover, doing all of these won’t cause fatigue to its user! If you are curious about how this tool works, then you are reading the right article! We will know show the mechanism of a jigsaw!

Let’s get started!

How Does A Jigsaw Work?

As mentioned, a jigsaw is a variant of conventional saws. This one has a motor, in which is powered either by electricity or a set of battery. The motor drives the narrow blade at a tremendous speed, on a up-and-down motion. Usually, the cutting speed that a jigsaw can do ranges from 0 to 3,200 stroke per minute (SPM). That is insanely fast already! You can imagine that the movement of the blade of the jigsaw is similar to the needle used by a sewing machine.

The jigsaw has a metallic housing. Inside there, you can see that motor that is attached to the blade. The connection is made through a series of eccentric gears. Specifically, this type of gears have axes that are not at the center.

The eccentric gears are the ones responsible for the conversion of the rotary motion produced the motor. From rotation, the gears convert it to become a rapid vertical movement of the blade holder. In return, the blade holder enables the blade to do a fast and repetitive up and down movement of the blade.

Typically, the blade of this saw can do upstroke cuts. This is due to the design of the blade, in which its teeth are pointing up. Therefore, if you need to a clean and precise cut, you should turn over the object that you are cutting. With this, you will be able to cut in the back without suffering from splinters smoothly!

While you are using this blade, its shoe or base is mounted on the workpiece. This kind of scheme lets you cut with stability and precision. The base also acts as a support so that you can cut straight. Usually, the base is made from a die-cast metal or aluminum.

Most of the jigsaws you can see in the market today have a variable speed dial. This feature enables you to adjust the speed of your blade, depending on the material you are cutting. If you are cutting a hard object, you should lower the speed. When the material you are working is soft, bombard it with a high-speed blade! Of course, you can make the most out of this feature if your jigsaw has an orbital action function. This component aids in the precision and power of your cuts.


As you can see, the jigsaw is a simple tool. It does not involve a complicated operation scheme, unlike some other tools. By learning how does a jigsaw work, you can be able to maximize its full potential. Moreover, understanding how each of its parts function will also teach how to maintain this tool correctly. In this way, you can extend the lifespan of this saw! That’s a minus expense on your part!

If this article sparked your interest in jigsaws, then we have a list of the top 5 best jigsaws here.

Makita 4351FCT Jigsaw

Best Jigsaw Brands

Makita 4351FCT Jigsaw

There are a lot of choices when it comes to a jigsaw. After all, this is one of the most common power tools many industry professionals are using. However, you can’t just choose an ordinary jigsaw so quickly. You should select a unit from the best jigsaw brands. But why?

You may think that we are just marketing some preferred or expensive brands. You are free to assume that. However, there are indeed brands that excel from the rest. You should know that because this fact applies to any products!

The best brands of jigsaws have optimum construction technology to their tools. And we are not just talking about this device alone. We are referring to the entirety of power tools! In short, most of the top rated jigsaws are made by those known manufacturers in the industry. You might know them already, but let us just elaborate why their jigsaws are great.

Of course, you have the freedom not to choose them. We are not here to manipulate your choices. However, there is a catch. There is no guarantee that the quality of these “less-preferred” brands will satisfy you. In the end, you might feel that you are throwing money in the wrong investment.

You should consider that is a jigsaw is a power tool and its price is not low. Therefore, why not invest on tested and proven brands? They won’t exist for too long if their jigsaws are not that good!

If you are curious what are the best brands of jigsaws, then just read on! We will be featuring the top manufacturers of quality and professional jigsaws! Let us get started!

Best Jigsaw Brands

  1. Bosch
    Bosch is not a stranger to the world of power tools. In fact, they are among the top producers of tools that are being used by construction professionals! There is no reason to distrust Bosch because all of their products went through complex engineering to ensure their quality. Of course, you can guarantee that their machines are sturdy and can survive heavy duty applicationsOne of their prized opuses is their jigsaws. From cordless to corded, this brand got it. The only thing left for you to do is to choose which one fits your need. As a recommendation, we will give you the Bosch JS470E jigsaw. Among the jigsaws in the market today, this one possesses an insane cutting power (3,100 strokes per minute) which is essential for various applications.Moreover, most of the jigsaws from Bosch have a sturdy design. However, the weight and control are still present. The entire operation of the tool is in your full control, thanks to the variable-speed setting which is present in all the saws of this brand!
    DEWALT simply stands out in the competition. When it comes to jigsaws, they are among the few brands that you should trust. Just by looking at the aesthetics of their tool, you can already deduce that they have the power and precision that you need!The jigsaws of DEWALT have various constructions and technology. It is an aspect that you can appreciate to this brand. They are not afraid to explore innovations that could further improve their product. For example, their DEWALT DW317K Jigsaw uses a keyless, lever-action clamp so that you can release and change the blade quickly. Ordinary jigsaws don’t have this technology! Aside from that, it also possesses a four-position orbital action so that you can cut as smoothly as possible.With all these features, you can say that most of DEWALT jigsaws can do heavy-duty applications. Despite that, homeowners can still take advantage of the power of this tool. After all, it has a user-friendly design. It is not heavy, and anyone can learn this quickly! Consider these features applicable to all the jigsaws of DEWALT!
    Makita is one of the giants in the power tools industry. They have been producing top quality tools for several decades already. However, they are still consistent on upgrading the caliber of their products. You can see it on the quality of the jigsaws that they have.Currently, they have more than 50 varieties of in that are available in the market today. Each of these is excellent in general applications. On the other hand, some have specific functions, such as of their CC02Z model, which is best for cutting glasses and tiles. Moreover, the Makita also uses the brushless technology in their jigsaws. This specific technology enhances the performance and operating capacity of power tools!Of course, you will also love that their jigsaws are compact and lightweight. They do not strain or stress the hands of their user, which makes them ideal for extensive applications. Your control to their saws further improves because of the presence of a rubberized grip. Indeed, investing in the tools from Makita will never be a regrettable choice.
    The PORTER-CABLE is an emerging brand of power tools. They are based in the United States, and most of their tools are constructed there, too! Even if they are new, they are already proving a lot. For example, the ratings of their power tools on several online markets are chasing the competition. Whether it is corded or cordless design, PORTER-CABLE has it.Their jigsaws also have the cutting edge. Specifically, their motors are delivering insane power to the entire system. If you have a 6-amp motor, then you can expect that its blade can run like crazy! If you think we are exaggerating, then you should take a look with their PC600JS jigsaw. Because of its powerful motor, this saw has a cutting speed of 3,200 strokes per minute! It also features a 7-position speed dial to control this operation fully!Moreover, most of the jigsaws of PORTER-CABLE has functional ergonomics. For example, all of their saws include a LED light so that users can work even there is limited visibility. Aside from that, their tools also possess lock-on buttons that maintain the precision of the cuts in prolonged used.
    If you are looking for jigsaws that are ideal for home applications, then you should go to BLACK+DECKER. This brand of power tools has their products aligned to the need of the common customers. In short, DIYers will love to use their tools, one way or another!Despite that, the precision and cutting powers of their jigsaws are something you should underestimate. Most of their jigsaws are compatible with U and T shank blades, which is not a common feature to ordinary brands. The company also integrated a built-in blower for a cleaner workspace!The features of their tools are perfect for small to medium projects. You may use their saws to a job site, but you may need to practice with them first!


Choosing the best jigsaw brands is essential for a foolproof buying. As we mentioned earlier, power tools are expensive. Therefore, risking your money for a dubious brand is not really worth it. Moreover, you should realize that these brands are standing at the top because of people love them. It is not just about a byproduct of a mere marketing. Just try one of their jigsaws. By that time, you can say that none of the things we have said is a bluff!