The Best Tile Saws of 2017 – Buying Guide & Reviews

tile sawJust like its name suggests, a tile saw is primarily a power tool that cut through tiles. It is a specialized tool that is meant for cutting tiles alone. If you are a serious handyman or a professional, knowing what is the best tile saw will certainly get your projects done!

We are aware that some of you are wondering why you really need a tile saw to cut tiles. You might think that other types of monstrous saws could do the job. Well, they might have the power. However, the precision and accuracy are not there. In short, a wet saw (or a tile saw) is not really cutting the tile. Instead, it is actually grinding it.

Specifically, the blade of a tile saw is not as sharp as those blades used for cutting wood or metal. The blade of a tile saw has an edge that has a diamond coating so that it can grind through those sturdy tiles.

DEWALT D24000S Wet Tile Saw
34 inches x 26 inches
69 pounds
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DEWALT D24000 Wet Tile Saw
36 inches x 29.2 inches x 20.4 inches
69 pounds
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SKIL 3540-02
SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw
18 inches x 14.5 inches x 7.8 inches
69 pounds
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Our Tile Saw Reviews

There are things that we want to discuss regarding tile saws. But first, we will give you a set of tile saw reviews. Each of these featured tile saws has features that can improve the quality of your tile cuts. Having them in your workshop or jobsite will increase your productivity and convenience! Here are the best tile saws of 2016!

#1 DEWALT D24000S – Our Top Pick


Inarguably, the best tile saw on the market today is the DEWALT D24000S. This tile saw have a lot of features that improves the accuracy and speed of your cuts, regardless how sturdy the workpiece is! Many professionals are using this unit of tile saw because of its impeccable performance on any workshops.

This tile saw possesses a cantilevering cart system. This patented technology allows this tool to have a jaw-dropping 24-inch ripping capacity. When cutting tiles in a diagonal position, this saw has an 18-inch ripping capacity.

You will also love the lightweight and compact design of the DEWALT D24000S. With only a weight of 69 pounds, this power tool can be man-handled by a single person. You can easily transport and set up this saw, too, because of it is compact design!

You can also rely on this saw when it comes to making quick angled cuts. This is possible, thanks to the 22.5 and 45-degree miter gauge that it possesses. Also, this feature is backed by powerful dual water nozzles. The dual nozzles are also adjustable for proper water input to the blade. With this, you can prevent overspray and mist. Moreover, it has a plunge component that allows you to make fast plunge cuts for A/C and electrical outlets!

On the other hand, it has a side and read water attachments that you can mount on the entire system. With this feature, you can contain any runoff of water. Furthermore, these accessories prevent the blade spray from over spraying when you are working with large tiles. Thus, you can expect that it can keep the water in the pan for a mess-free work! Cleaning this saw won’t be a problem either because of its removable cart!


Amperage15 amps
Horsepower1.5 HP
Diagonal cutting capacity18 inches
Maximum length of the cut24 inches
Maximum depth of the cut3 1/8 inches
Rip capacity24 inches
Power sourceCorded (electric)
Product weight 69 pounds
Overall dimensions34 inches x 26 inches

#2 SKIL 3540-02 – Best For The Money

SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile SawIf you are looking for an affordable choice, then you have to go with the SKIL 3540-02. This tile saw has the features that make it able to compete with any commercial counterparts! Buying this tile saw is an ideal move, especially for the handymen at home and weekend warriors!

Any tile workers will love the anti-corrosion properties of this power tool. Since a tile saw utilizes water as its armament, rusting and corrosion are among the possible detriments that you can meet. Well, not for this tool. The SKIL 3540-02 has a special stainless steel that can resist the elements. You can confidently use this saw without worries of degrading qualities.

Moreover, the steel top of this table saw fence can accommodate tiles that are up to 12 inches x 12 inches! This support capacity is beyond any ordinary tile saws. Aside from being the best tile saw for the money, the SKIL 3540-02 is also one of the top-rated tile saws today! Furthermore, it has an adjustable rip fence that has an integrated miter gauge. With these two, you can make precise and straight miter cuts.

The SKIL 3540-02 also has a blade cooling water reservoir. This component of this tile saw enables it to keep its blade always cool. Also, the same feature effective reduces the production of dust and debris. You can also guarantee that this tile saw can create bevel cuts which range from 0 to 45 degrees! Of course, this power tool cannot do this without its 7-inch diamond blade! As long as you got this tile saw, you can cut as many tiles as you want!


Amperage4.2 amps
Horsepower1.5 HP
Bevel angle range0 degrees to 45 degrees
Blade diameter7 inches
Depth of cut (45 degrees)1 inch
Depth of cut (90 degrees)1 3/8 inches
Product weight 69 pounds
Overall dimensions18 inches x 14.5 inches x 7.8 inches

#3 DEWALT D24000 – An Honorable Mention

DEWALT D24000 Wet Tile SawEven if it is true that the DEWALT D24000 cheaper compared to its cousin DEWALT D24000S, we still consider it one of the best wet tile saws. Professional floor specialists and remodelers can greatly benefit from this tool. This is because of its ergonomic features and efficiency in dealing with different varieties of tiles.

We all know that tiles are tough objects. However, such is not problem to the DEWALT D24000. It has a 15-amp motor that can grind through the sturdiest tiles out there. To complement such power, this tile saw has an integrated 10-inch diamond blade that can slice through materials like stone and porcelain.

The DEWALT D24000 tile saw will also lavish you with its 3 1/8 inch cut depth. This feature is essential when you are cutting with pavers and V-cap tiles. Also, it got a flexible plunge which enables you to make plunge cuts as quickly as possible. This component also allows the tool to cater A/C registers and electrical outlets.

Moreover, the DEWALT D24000 has a stainless steel rail system, which is sturdy indeed. It is integrated into the frame of the saw. With this feature, you can ensure that all of your cuts are 100 percent accurate. This rail system also provides additional durability to the entire tool!

Just like its cousin, this tile saw uses a cantilevering design, which enables it to have a 24-inch ripping capacity. This innovation allows the saw to make accurate diagonal cuts while dealing with workpieces that measure up to 18 inches. It also got a miter gauge that offers stops at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees!

You can guarantee that this tile saw has a cooling mechanism. You can be confident that even working with extensive projects, the blade, and the tiles will always remain cool. It can also prevent any downtimes because there is no cooldown needed! The water nozzles of DEWALT D24000 tile saw are adjustable too.

On the other hand, we noticed that this table saw cannot accommodate 19 inches to 24 inches tiles. Moreover, you have to press hard materials like a 40-pound granite so that you can keep them flat on the table. We also noticed that the cast aluminum housing are rattling when you are dealing with hard objects. Despite these, the DEWALT D24000 is still an ideal choice.


Amperage15 amps
Horsepower1.5 HP
Diagonal cutting capacity18 inches
Maximum length of the cut24 inches
Maximum depth of the cut:3 1/8 inches
Rip capacity24 inches
Power sourceCorded (electric)
Product weight69 pounds
Overall dimensions36 inches x 29.2 inches x 20.4 inches

Tile Saw Buying Guide

The primary purpose of a tile saw is to make cuts out of tiles such as stone, ceramic, and porcelain. If you will use different saws, then there is a good chance that the tiles will break. On the other hand, a tile saw is designed to handle such arduous task. They are also easy and safe to operate. However, there are some important considerations you have to take before buying a tile saw. Here are they.

Tile Saw Essentials

Blade And Water Nozzle

The blade is one of the most important aspects of a tile saw. In fact, any saw would need a quality blade so that they can perform. When it comes to tile saws, the blade plays a very crucial role. After all, the tile you are dealing might be hard or brittle. Therefore, you will need your tile saw to have a diamond blade.

Specifically, diamond carbide blades use a grinding action rather than the typical slicing motion. This enables the saw to deal with various tiles without breaking them. Moreover, you should know that these blades produce extreme heat while they are running. You will need a unit that has a quality water nozzle or reservoir that can spray continuously to the blade and your workpiece. In this way, you can keep them cool and free from dust.

Handheld Or Table Models

There are two models of tile saws that you can buy on the market today. They are the handheld and table models. Before you choose between them, you should consider the nature of your work first. Specifically, you should consider your working environments as well. Check if your workshop or job site has a constant source of water and power outlet. From here, you can decide which model of tile saw you would pick.

The handheld tile saws are best for small projects. You can also use them if you want mobility in your work. These tile saws are portable and compact in nature. Carrying them around won’t give you stress and fatigue.

On the other hand, a table tile saw will give you stability and rigidity on your work. They possess a sturdy and flat surface area which allows you to deal with large materials. Moreover, they are also ideal if you want to have multiple uniform cuts!

Features Of A Tile Saw

Water Source

Tile saws are dependent on their water source. These power tools are either using reused water that is stored in a container or drawing water from a continuous water source (e.g. garden hose). Moreover, they have a line connection or a drain that they use to take out the waste water from your working area.

Some models of tile saws are using a pump to recirculate the water it is using. This feature is essential when you are working in an area where there is no available water source. This is also critical if you are trying to save your water bills. On the other hand, some saws are using an attachment so that they can get fresh water. You can expect that the water is clean. However, you can only operate these saws on near a water source.

Type Of Blade

There are different types of blades that you can install on a tile saw. Dry blades are best with handheld tile saws. These blades can do dry cutting. Meanwhile, wet diamond blades are specifically built to run while water is cooling it. Therefore, you can only use them for wet cutting applications.

The size of the blade also determines the depth and diameter of your cuts. Most of the tiles saws today have a maximum diameter of 27 inches, while they angled diameter usually ranges from 18 inches to 19 inches. If you are dealing with thick tiles, then you need to have a large blade. These blades can make deep cuts in just one go. The common blade sizes that you can see on the market today are 4.5 inches, 7 inches, and 10 inches.

Moreover, the depth capacity of tile saws ranges from 1 inch to 3.75 inches. A saw that has 7-inch diamond blade is already ideal for home usage. However, there is nothing really wrong if you buy different kinds of blades for various applications!

Capacity Of The Blade

The blade capacity refers to the adjustability of the cutting head. This feature is essential for holding blades of different sizes. As a recommend, we recommend that you should buy a tile saw that possesses this feature, especially if you are working with a variety of tiles.

Blade Adjustment

You should also consider the adjustability of your tile saw. Specifically, you should be able to adjust it for mitered and beveled cuts. Moreover, tile saws should have a miter attachment as well!


The motor of the tile saw provides enough horsepower so that the blade can produce the sufficient torque to cut sturdy tiles. Most of the handheld units have a motor that has 0.5 horsepower. They are best when you are just dealing with small and thin tiles. Large handheld models and table tile saws have more than 0.5 horsepower. Consider buying the appropriate motor that can fit your needs.
Specifically, the horsepower of the motor gives the blade its rotation speed. Usually, the no-load speed for such power rating is around 3,400 to 5,500 revolutions per minute. Even a 3,600-RPM motor is enough to do home-based applications.

Overloading Protection

Tile saws that have direct-drive motors are susceptible from internal overloads. Thermal overload happens when the motor keeps on running for a long time. Therefore, you should pick a model that has an overload protection feature.

Tips On Buying Tile Saws

There are certain tips that we will give when it comes to tile saws. Specifically, we will give you the particular features you will look for each type of tiles saws.

Handheld Tile Saws

Handheld tile saws are the choice when you are working outdoors or travelling. They can be efficient in making rounded cuts as well. Moreover, such model of saw can make the same output as table tile saw. However, this is dependent on your skill in manipulating the blade. You should know by now that handheld saws can only take small blades. Therefore, they are not the ideal choice if you are dealing with thick tiles.


Lock On Switches

The lock-on switches of a handheld tile saw fix the entire tool on position. This reduces the fatigue you can feel. Moreover, it also helps in preventing rough cuts.

Cordless Design

A cordless tile saw is the best way to improve its portability. Buy a unit that has a lithium-ion battery because of their long lifespan and fade-free performance.

Water Hose

This component is essential in carrying fresh water to your blade and workpiece. Always check if the water hose of a tile saw is durable and does not snap easily. Avoid those that are made from cheap plastics.

Table Tile Saws

We all know that table tile saws are ideal for commercial projects. They provide stability and precision, which is hard to achieve when you are using a handheld model. There is no need to manipulate the blade of a table tile saw. Instead, you just conveniently push the tile on a guide so that blade can cut it accurately. Moreover, the blade is attached to a water tray that constantly produces water to drench the blade and tile. Moreover, a table tile saw is best for cutting thick or large tiles.



Look for a table tile saw that has a large table or working surface. The large the table, the bigger the object it can accommodate. Also, this feature also allows you to make bevel cuts easily! You should not forget that the table should have anti-corrosion features. Preferably, you should go to those that are made from aluminum or stainless steel.


Consider a table tile saw that has drain plugs. This component allows that automatic disposal of waste water.


Miter gauge and bevel tool are essential attachments for a table tile saw. This improves the versatility of the tool in handling different kinds of cutting applications. With these accessories around, you can already make bevel or miter cuts with ease!


The fence is also an important component to look for a table tile saw. This feature enhances the accuracy of the tool in making miter, straight, and angled cuts. Most of the tiling projects involve these cuts, so you better pick a table tile saw that has an adjustable fence.

Laser Guide

When selecting for a table tile saw, look for a model that has a LED or laser light. This component is useful in aligning straight cuts. Extra guides can give improve the accuracy and speed of your work. Most of the modern saws have this feature already integrated on them.


Having the best tile saw is essential for projects that involve a lot of tiles. A person who has this tool can efficiently make different cuts while not worrying about waste and breakage. Moreover, this tool can also help ordinary homeowners to do several floor remodeling on their own! As long as you got a quality tile saw, doing such is not impossible.

We know that you got a lot of choices when it comes to tile saws. However, we recommend that you should try our featured products first. They have undergone a lot of testing which proves their reliability and performance on the field. Moreover, the tiles saws we featured are curated by professional tile workers. Therefore, you can guarantee that their quality is truly remarkable. In fact, they are not just the tile saws that we have tested. We scrutinized dozens of models and units. However, only these three stood out!

We are also hoping that our tile saw buying guide were able to help you. We all know that choosing the a good tile saw is hard, especially if you are oblivious about the necessary components that it should possess. With this tile saw buying guide, we are expecting that you quickly find a decent tile saw that suits your needs.