The Best Jigsaws of 2017 – Buying Guide & Reviews

a jigsaw powertool in actionA jigsaw is a power tool that should be in your workshop. For a lot of handymen and woodworkers, jigsaws are one of the first tools they prioritize to get.

Jigsaws excel at making curved and straight cuts. They can slice through different material such as metal, plastic, wood, and even ceramics.

You will need a jigsaw because it is the only portable power tools that can do curve cuts. A band saw can also do this. However, they are not portable, which restricts their versatility. You can always carry a jigsaw anywhere on the job site. They are lightweight, too, which improves their usability on the field.

The versatility of a jigsaw is not only about its compact design. It can also make various applications, which is necessary for a typical handyman. Its blade is interchangeable, too. This means that you can change it to match the material that you are cutting. If you use the right blade this saw can cut through steel and even fiberglass!

Our Top 5 Jigsaw Picks

ModelStroke LengthStrokes Per MinuteWarrantyUser RatingPrice
Bosch JS470E
Bosch JS470E Top-Handle Jigsaw
1.00 inches500 – 3,100 SPM1 year4.8/5
Our Top Pick
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DEWALT DW317K Top-Handle Jigsaw Kit
1.00 inches0 - 3,100 SPM3 years4.5/5
Best For The Money
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Makita 4329K
Makita 4329K Top-Handle Jigsaw
0.70 inches500 - 3,100 SPM1 year4.4/5
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DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B Cordless Jigsaw
1.00 inches0 - 3,000 SPM3 years4.4/5
Great Cordless Option
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PORTER-CABLE PC600JS Orbital Jigsaw
0.80 inches0 - 3,200 SPM3 yeras4.3/5$$
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There are a lot of models to choose from when it comes to jigsaws, and without proper guidance and knowledge, it can be a jungle of impressions. Therefore we have created this jigsaw buying guide. We’ve tested and measured over 68 miter saws, and have selected the top 5 for you to see.

#1 Bosch JS470E – Our Top Pick

Bosch JS470EThe Bosch JS470E jigsaw is at the top of this list because of its functional ergonomics. It uses a tool-less system so that you can change its blades as quick as possible. Moreover, its 7-amp motor enables it to operate from 500 to 3,100 strokes per minute!

Its cutting capacity can pierce through wood material up to 5-7/8-inches, mild steel up to 3/8-inches, and aluminum up to 7/8-inches.

Also, its bevel cutting capacity is at 45 degrees. This is pretty standard, and we love how this jigsaw lives up to the traditions.

Grinding through materials is normally not an easy job. However, the Bosch JS470E makes it all easy. This is due to its Constant Response Circuitry. This system allows the tool to maintain its high cutting speed. Therefore, you are guaranteed that the precision of your work will never be compromised. Aside from that, this saw also uses an orbital action setting. This innovation allows you to use the proper blade strokes to deal with varieties of cuts.

This jigsaw from Bosch will also give you excellent comfort when working. It comes with a tool-less lever which lets you eject the blade without even touching it. We all know how hot these blades can get. But with this feature, this is no longer a problem. Moreover, this jigsaw has a system that minimizes vibration output so that it can operate smoothly and accurately. The lock-on button is ambidextrous. It means that it is ideal for both left-handed and right-handed people. Its dust blower is adjustable, too. With this, you can keep a clear cutting line without distractions. You will also love the stability of this saw, that is possible because of its rigid die-cast foot.

Regardless of what materials you are dealing with, you can trust that the Bosch JS470E can pass through them. It has a corded design that guarantees you an uninterrupted working experience. Moreover, when you buy this tool, you will also get an anti-splinter insert, plastic overshoe, bevel wrench, and a carrying case.

A saw like this one, with so much innovation, stability and power, coming at such a reasonable price truly deserves to be number #1 in our buying guide. Not only is it perfect for the industrial expert, but it’s also a great fit for the handyman and the homeowner.


Power7.0 amp
Bevel Range45 degrees
Stroke Per Minute500 - 3,100
Voltage rating120V
Power sourceCorded (Electric)
Overall dimensions15.7 inches x 14.3 inches x 4.6 inches
Product weight10.2 pounds

#2 DEWALT DW317K – Best For The Money

DEWALT DW317KThe DEWALT DW317K is a close competitor of the Bosch JS470E. It has a compact and lightweight design making it very versatile. Moreover, it can also do precise and detailed cuts, at a high quality. With this tool, you’ll be able to cut through different material with ease.

When it comes to speed and power, the DEWALT DW317K is a guaranteed beast. Its 3,100 strokes per minute capacity will let you cut through material like steel, aluminum, and hardwood. It also comes with a variable-speed adjustment so that you can control the stroke of this machine. With this, you can accurately cut through any material, as you are matching them with the proper cutting speed. As a result, you can expect that your output will be clean and precise.

This jigsaw can give you an excellent 1-inch stroke depth. It’s essential if you want to make deep cuts. However, all of these features wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the monstrous 5.5 amp motor that this saw comes with.

The DEWALT DW317K is what we call “application-specific.” This means that the tool is versatile enough to adapt to every job. For example, it has got a four-position orbital action that lets you do aggressive and quick cuts. When you want to do horizontal bevel cuts, this tool will also help you. It has a shoe that enables you to quickly setup this tool for beveled cuts. Beveled cuts from 0 to 45 degrees in angle.

We can tell you that you will love the maneuverability of this saw. It only has a weight of 6.2 pounds, which is lighter than the 10.2-pound Bosch Jigsaw. This lightweight design doesn’t compromise the stability and rigidity of this tool. Instead, it just makes it use a lot comfortable. Its construction is pure metal, which reduces the chance of breakage and cracks. It also enhances its appeal when you put it on a professional workshop! Aside from that, it also comes with a comfortable grip, too.


Power5.5 amp
Bevel Range45 degrees
Stroke Per Minute0 - 3,100
Voltage rating120V
Power sourceCorded (Electric)
Overall dimensions13.4 inches x 14.5 inches x 4.6 inches
Product weight6.2 pounds

#3 Makita 4329K

Makita 4329KThe fact that you are on a tight budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great jigsaw. The Makita 4329K is living proof of this. With a price point around $70, it’s a decent jigsaw that can do almost all of the things that the average woodworker would need. However, there is no denying that the Bosch JS470E, outperforms this one. But that is expected as it is almost double as expensive.

Overall, you get a ton of value from the money that you put into this saw. It has three orbital settings that improve the precision and aggressiveness of your cuts. This is possible with its 3.9-amp motor that enables this tool to produce a cutting speed from 500 to 3,100 strokes per minute. Of course, it also comes with a variable-speed control dial so that you can adjust the cutting speed. Its aluminum base bevel can also make sharp 45 degrees angled cuts, whether it is left or right. It also has a positive stop of 90 degrees so that the precision and smoothness of your cuts is ensured.

The Makita 4329K has a rubberized grip so that using it won’t cause fatigue to your hands. This grip enables you to maximize the control you have with this tool. One of the best features of this jigsaw is its dust port. It effectively manages the dust residues when you are cutting. This machine does this through the use of a dust cover and a built-in vacuum.

Furthermore, you will appreciate that it has a counterweight balancing system. This feature enables the Makita 4329K to lessen its system vibration. Therefore, you are guaranteed that using this tool won’t annoy you. This saw also include a huge trigger switch so that you can operate it quickly. Meanwhile, its lock-on button will assure you that this jigsaw will keep on running on extended usage.

With these features, the Makita 4329K is ideal for carpenters, and the do it yourself handyman. But for professionals and for heavy use, we recommend that you get a more expensive jigsaw.


Power3.9 amp
Bevel Range45 degrees
Stroke Per Minute500 - 3,100
Voltage rating120V
Power sourceCorded (Electric)
Overall dimensions3 inches x 8.8 inches x 7.8 inches
Product weight4.2 pounds

#4 DEWALT DC330B – Best Cordless Jigsaw

DEWALT DC330BIf you are looking for the best cordless jigsaw on the market, then the DEWALT DC330B should be your go-to choice. Many woodworkers and professional love the cordless design, as it gives them the versatility they require, as this cordless model is very portable.

Aside from its portability, this tool is truly user-friendly. It uses a tool-less system so that you can change the blade without even touching it. Moreover, this jigsaw is compatible with all conventional and t-shank blades. Its shoe is tool-less too, which means you can adjust it whenever you want. Just like other jigsaws, the DEWALT DC330B can do sharp 45 degrees cuts in either direction. Just like the Makita model, it has a three-position orbital action that lets you cut smoothly and precisely.

The primary variable speed control of this tool ranges from 0-2,000 strokes per minute. However, when it is at its full potential, this tool can do 0-3,000 strokes per minute. This jigsaw is an 18-volt cordless power tool. Therefore, such performance is to be expected. With this power, this saw can do straight and curve cuts on any material. Construction objects like metal, nail-embedded wood, and laminate countertops won’t escape from the sharpness of this tool!

Moreover, the bevel feature is what makes it unique. Aside from the standard 45-degree cut, this tool sports detents at 0, 15 and 30 degrees angles. In short, when it comes to bevel cuts, this jigsaw is the go-to jigsaw.

The construction of the DEWALT DC330B makes it a tool for professional. For example, it comes with a 1-inch stroke length and keyless lever-action blade clamp. Furthermore, its grip has an anti-slip feature, which can prevent accidental drops of. Of course, it also has an adjustable blower to clear off the dust residues that appears when you cut.


Bevel Range45 degrees (detents at 0, 15, 30)
Stroke Per Minute0 - 3,100
Voltage rating18V
Power sourceBattery (18-volt XRP Battery)
Overall dimensions11.2 inches x 11 inches x 3.9 inches
Product weight5.8 pounds


PORTER-CABLE PC600JSAnother option you can have for a jigsaw is the PORTER-CABLE PC600JS. It is a jigsaw that has a seven-position speed dial (0 to 3,200 strokes per minute) and four positions orbital lever that enables maximum versatility and power in cutting. These features are almost comparable to the Bosch JS470E Jigsaw, which is truly impressive. Moreover, its motor is quite powerful, too. With a power rating of 6.0 amps, this saw can cut through any materials with ease and precision.

Aside from industrial applications, this tool is also usable in scrollwork, sink cut-outs, and some art projects. You can also use this make designs in a dimensional lumber. Moreover, it has a tool-bevel bevel adjustment setting that enables you to cut a smooth 45-degree angled cut. The bevel has detents, too, for more versatility in cutting.

The PORTER-CABLE PC600JS has functional ergonomics which is essential for heavy-duty applications. For example, it comes with a shoe cover so that the shoe will be protected when you are not using it. Moreover, this cover also protects the integrity of the soft parts of this jigsaw while you are cutting.

Meanwhile, the front grip area and the soft grip area improve your control with this tool. It also uses a lock-on button so that you can adequately manage this saw on extended usage. Changing the blades won’t bother you too much, as its utilizes a keyless system. Aside from that, it also has a LED light that illuminates your working area!

On the other hand, this saw has some flaws that you should consider. For example, its release mechanism on its from is made from a flimsy and rubberized plastic. When you do some aggressive cuts, this part is susceptible to dents. Usually, this part should be made of metal.

But other than that, we can say that the PORTER-CABLE PC600JS works perfectly fine!


Power6 amp
Bevel Range45 degrees (detents at 0, 15, 30)
Stroke Per Minute0 - 3,200
Voltage rating120V
Power sourceCorded (Electric)
Overall dimensions13 inches x 10 inches x 4 inches
Product weight7 pounds

Jigsaw Buying Guide

Choosing a good jigsaw is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of considerations to be done, especially if you are looking for a unit that can help you in most of your tasks. Of course, there are a lot of options that you can take. However, you will never know the good from the bad if you are oblivious about this tool. Therefore, this comprehensive jigsaw buying guide is here to help you escape the dilemma!

The Design Of A Jigsaw

Most of the jigsaws you can see in the market today have various features. Moreover, their performance and capacity differ too. The first consideration that you should have is to pick the one that will suit your working regimen. A carpenter may have a different preference to a construction worker. Residential professionals may have different standards, too.
However, there are two types of jigsaw designs that you can opt. They are the barrel grip and D-handle jigsaws.

The barrel grip handle will have your hand near the cutting surface. This style lets you have the utmost control over the machine while you are cutting. Such design is crucial when you are doing curve cuts. Needless to say, a barrel grip jigsaw is for woodworkers and artisans.

On the other hand, the D-grip handle has a particular spacing between the handle. This construction type is suitable for cutting materials at an awkward angle. It is ideal for DIYers and development experts.

Amusingly, there are some manufacturers of jigsaws that merge these two designs. If you are not so sure what design will benefit you more, then opting for this kind of jigsaw may work best for you! Don’t remember that there are so many things you can do with a jigsaw though. Check out this cool YouTube video to get more inspiration.


The power tool will always rely on external or internal sources. Most of them have a semi-automatic operation, which enables you to use them in a much convenient manner. When it comes to jigsaws, there are three options that you can have. They are the corded, cordless, and the pneumatic. Each of these has distinct advantages and appropriate applications that you should consider.

Corded Jigsaw

A corded jigsaw needs an external electric source (power outlet) for it to operate. Usually, this kind of jigsaw has a strong cutting power which is essential when you are dealing with thick and hard materials. However, it restricts your movement because of the limitation of the cord length. If you have an extension cord, you may compensate this lacking. Moreover, you should exercise caution when handling this tool. Do not work in a wet area. Or else, you might get electrocuted.

Cordless Jigsaw

This jigsaw gives you the power of portability. It doesn’t limit your workflow compared to a corded design. Of course, you can expect that this tool is powerful too. However, do not expect that its power is at par with a corded jigsaw! Moreover, this design is not ideal when you are working with extensive projects. They have a heavy construction due to the embedded internal battery!

Of course, if you forget to charge this tool, you might end up having an interrupted project. Therefore, it’s your obligation to charge it fully when there is an upcoming project that you have to deal. Another option is to buy multiple batteries. However, it is quite costly to do. Moreover, you should make sure that the battery is compatible with your unit.

Pneumatic Jigsaw

The pneumatic jigsaw is a combination of the two designs. Specifically, they only combine the good traits of a corded and a cordless saw. There is no risk of electrocution when using this. Aside from that, it is quite lighter than its corded and cordless counterpart. Of course, there will be no power interruption as it has a wire you can connect to an outlet. However, pneumatic jigsaws are still rare today. Finding one is a sheer luck!


The jigsaw is not complete without a blade. After all, it is the one that does all the cutting. If you use a proper blade, you can cut through a variety of materials such as wood, ceramic tile, and metal. Of course, this is an impressive feat already, considering the size of the blades. Typically, a jigsaw has a default blade on it. However, we recommend that you should buy extra pairs and varieties to improve your work versatility. A black package comes with an indication in which will tell you the appropriate material that the blade can cut.

Usually, most of the jigsaw blades have a carbon steel construction. Their length ranges from 2 to 3 inches (length) and 1.4 inches (width). Blades that have dimension is best suited for cutting radius. For any other applications, you will need a blade that has a width of 3/8 inches.

Aside from that, some blades are made from bi-metal. They are perfect for heavy duty applications. Such of these are cutting metals and hardwoods (e.g. oak and walnut). Some blades are even made from tungsten carbide is best for cutting ceramics!

Moreover, you should chase a jigsaw that lets you change the blades quickly. Specifically, your unit should have a quick-release feature so that you can change your blade without even touching it. The blade gets hot when you are using it. Therefore, such ergonomic is highly necessary.

On the other hand, there are two types of blades, too. They are the T-shank and U-shank. The T-shank blade perfectly complements the quick-release feature of a jigsaw. On the other hand, U-shank will require you to secure it using a screw!

The Teeth Of The Blade

The teeth or the serration of the blade is an important aspect in choosing a jigsaw. Specifically, it can determine the kind of material in which the blade can cut. Those blades that have few teeth are appropriate for cutting soft materials such as wood. If you want to cut hard objects like steel and ceramics, then you will need a blade that has a lot of teeth.

You will know the number of the teeth by looking at the TPI (teeth per inch) label. If the blade has a 6 to 12 TPI, it means that it is low. Meanwhile, blades that have 14 to 36 TPI are classified as tough! However, do not expect that the speed of cut is the same as the speed when cutting soft materials!

Features To Consider

  • Variable Speed Setting – This component of a jigsaw will enable you to adjust the speed (stroke per minute) of the blade. This is essential so that you can adapt to the material that you are going to cut. There is a rule for this. If you cut a hard material, you will need the blade to move slower. On the opposite manner, you need the blade to run fast when you are cutting soft objects.
  • Roller Guide – The roller guide will enable you to cut with precision and accuracy. This is essential if you are on a job site and a specific cut size is required.
  • Guide Light – Just like circular saws, some jigsaws have a LED light that preserves the precision of your cuts. Moreover, this feature is necessary when you are doing complicated designs. This light will also illuminate your workplace if ever your area is dim or have poor lighting conditions.
  • Dust Blower – The dust blower is essential to preserve the cleanliness of your working area. Sawdust is notorious for blocking your view and the path that you are going to cut. Some jigsaws also come with a vacuum that removes these rubbishes.
  • Airstop Brusher – Not all jigsaws have this. An Airstop Brusher is essential so that your motor won’t get damaged from airborne dust and debris!
  • Laser Line – Do not confuse a laser line with the Guide Light. A laser line projects a red line to your path so that you can cut precisely and smoothly!

Tips On Buying A Jigsaw

At this point, it is safe to say that we got everything covered. However, there are still some buying tips that can ensure you a tool worthy being called an investment.

First, you should choose a jigsaw that has a warranty. The longer, the better. Warranties will always cover your back once there are defects in the saw that you bought. When you have a warranty, you have the freedom to have your unit repaired or replaced. Some companies will also give you a money-back guarantee if you feel dissatisfaction with your jigsaw. Usually, this insurance has a span of 30 days.

A power tool will always be powerful. There is no changing that. Therefore, using them should be approached with caution. After all, they are dangerous. For a jigsaw, you should watch out for the blade. It can wound you if you are not too careful. For this, you might need to choose a jigsaw that has a blade guard. Aside from that, a slow start feature could also work, too!

Lastly, you should always consider the price. There is no need for you to invest on a professional-grade jigsaw if you are just doing home-related projects. Always consider your line of work with the type of the tool you are going to buy.


The best jigsaw is a necessary power tool for carpenters, woodworkers, construction professionals, and typical DIYers. This tool is very handy when it comes to cutting materials. When you are building a piece of furniture or trying to repair something, the jigsaw is one of the tools you can trust. Moreover, this saw is easy to use and suitable for various applications. When you have this tool in your garage, you are confident that you can take on the most urgent of tasks.

Of course, if you are going to buy a jigsaw, you should consider the models that we featured. They are the best jigsaws on the market today. And no, we are not the one who said that. Instead, we have these jigsaws tested by industry professionals to ensure their quality. We also took them on the field and let them do some various cuts to check their cutting capacity. The fact that you are seeing them here is proof that they have excellent features. Choosing them is an investment that you wouldn’t regret.

On the other hand, we all know how hard it is to pick a jigsaw or any power tool. With the availability of hundreds of brands out there, you can’t expect that choosing would be a smooth process. However, we are hoping that we were able to help you through our simple but comprehensive guide. We are expecting that anytime soon, you can have the jigsaw that you really deserve! We hope that this best jigsaw review has helped you!